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A small-molecule MAVS-dependent IRF3 agonist that shows antiviral activity against Flaviviridae, Filoviridae (Ebola virus), Orthomyxoviridae (influenza A virus), Arenaviridae (Lassa virus) and Paramyxoviridae (RSVs, Nipah virus); induces relocalization of pTBK1 from centrosomes to mitochondria, and increases CASP3-mediated cell death; the RIG-I-like receptor (RLR) agonist.




A potent RIG-I-like receptor (RLR) agonist that triggers IRF3-dependent innate immune antiviral genes and IFN-β expression; shows antiviral activity against a broad range of RNA viruses, including dengue virus, and hepatitis C virus, as well as viruses of the families Filoviridae (Ebola virus), Orthomyxoviridae (influenza A virus), Arenaviridae (Lassa virus), and Paramyxoviridae (respiratory syncytial virus, Nipah virus).




Inarigivir (ORI-9020, SB-9000) is a dinucleotide that activates RIG-I and NOD2, induces interferon mediated antiviral immune responses; shows broad-spectrum antiviral activity against RNA viruses including HCV, norovirus, RSV and influenza, and also demonstrates activity HBV in vitro and in vivo; a novel agonist of innate immunity; activite componet of Inarigivir soproxil (SB-9200).

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