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AM-0216 (AM0216) is a highly potent inhibitor of NF-κB inducing Kinase (NIK), example 294 in patent WO 2009158011 A1.




AM-0561 (AM0561) is a highly potent inhibitor of NF-κB inducing Kinase (NIK) with Ki of 0.3 nM.


Amgen 16


Amgen 16 (Amgen16) is a highly potent inhibitor of NF-κB inducing Kinase (NIK) with Ki of 2 nM, selectively decrease viability of MMCLs in which NFkB activity is NIK-dependent; IKKβ inhibitor MLX and dexamethasone enhances cytotoxicity of NIK-inhibitors in MMCLs with NIK-dependent NFkB activation, blocks BAFF induced NFkB activation in myeloma cells combined with IKKβ inhibitors.


NIK inhibitor 4f


NIK SMI1 is a potent, selective small molecule inhibitor of NF-κB inducing kinase (NIK) with Ki of 230±170 pM; only inhibits 3 out of 222 off-target kinases (KHS1, LRRK2, and PKD1) with >75% inhibition at 1 uM; potently inhibits anti-LTβR-induced nuclear p52 levels in anti-LTβR-stimulated HeLa cells, with no effect on canonical signaling; inhibits BAFF and CD40 signaling, suppresses immune responses in vivo; suppresses disease biomarkers and improves survival and renal function in NZB/W F1 mice.

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