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    Inflammation and autoimmune is a physiological phenomenon by which the white blood cells and the substances they produce to against foreign organisms (such as bacteria and viruses). However, in some cases, the immune system can also trigger an inflammatory response without foreign invasion. In these inflammation and autoimmune diseases, the tissues are often damaged by their own immune systems. And the whole body reacts as if it were infected by a foreign organism.

    To develop drugs against such diseases, researchers typically avoid harming patients and instead use animal disease models. We provide a number of validated models of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, including arthritis, psoriasis, colitis, and immune disease (CIA, DTH, PCA, EAE). Each disease type has a different model that provides different disease parameters for your candidate compounds.

    Our inflammatory and autoimmune disease models can serve as the assay basis for analysis of biomarkers and provide accurate experimental capabilities to elucidate the role of candidate compounds in the treatment of each disease.

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