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    Although alcoholism is common and impairing in elders, and is under-recognized and under-treated by the health care system, elderly alcoholics are at least as treatable as (and probably more than) younger alcoholics.30 Essentials of effective treatment include recognition and screening, involving the family, emphasizing that this is an inheritable medical illness, use of existing Alcoholics     

    Anonymous members, abstinence (controlled drinking is not recommended), group therapy, and “replacing drinking with people.” Many common problems of elders are worsened or often caused by alcoholism, a treatable but often overlooked medical condition.

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CVT-10216 is a potent, highly selective, reversible inhibitor of ALDH2 with IC50 of 29 nM, shows no significant inhibition for ALDH1 (IC50=1,300 nM); demonstrates therapeutic potential to reduce excessive drinking and to suppress relapse in abstinent alcoholics; also shows both anxiolytic and antidipsotropic properties in rats; selectively suppresses binge eating of palatable food and attenuates dopamine release in the accumbens of sugar-bingeing rats.

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